Electrical/Programming Sub-team – The electrical sub-team currently consists of 2 students and 1 mentor. Their job is to wire the robot. This means connecting motors and other components to either the RoboRIO or a Power Distributor. The RoboRIO is the brain of the robot. It functions thanks to our CAD/Programming sub-team. The Power Distributor is a hub for the wires on the robot, ensuring that there is a balance of power running through the wires and the RoboRIO. Programming uses Eclipse (an Integrated Development Environment) to write code for the robot in Java. This is coordinated with electrical to create a user interface for the robot which allows the driver and operator to control it.

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    CAD/Mechanical Sub-team – This combined sub-team is responsible for the design and control of the robot. CAD uses Autodesk Inventor (3D modeling and drafting software) to design the robot, then to create drawings that mechanical uses to fabricate pieces. The mechanical Sub-team consists of a majority of the team. They fabricate the robot using designs that the CAD/Programming team make. Their job is crucial for the team and involves many students and mentors, the most of any sub-team.

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    PR and Media Art Sub-team – This sub-team has the responsibility of creating a ‘look’ for the team. From contacting sponsors, creating T-Shirt designs, to organizing outreach events. This sub-team makes sure the team has the funds and looks, to do their best. Consisting of 4 students, they make sure that everything is set up the best way possible. Unlike other sub-teams, all members are expected to help with PR at some point throughout the year.