Community Outreach

Our team stays involved in our community through outreach projects that promote STEM as well as FIRST. These projects allow us to give back to the community that supports us and helps us grow. Some of our projects include demonstrations of our robots at local schools and businesses, as well as our annual E-Waste event that provides the opportunity for people to safely dispose of their unwanted electronics and keep them from polluting our environment. Learn more about our outreach events below.

Robot demonstrations

Demonstrating our robot is one of our favorite ways to bring STEM to kids of all ages. These demonstrations give kids time to ask questions about our robot and show the community what we can do!

STEM Nights

STEM Nights at our local elementary schools are a great opportunity for us to show kids how cool FIRST robotics is, as well as give them some hands on experience. We do hands on demos at these nights allowing kids to learn about circuits, drive some FTC bots, and see the FRC bot in action!

Past Events

Although near and dear to our hearts, some outreach events are no longer a part of our schedule. Click here to see some of the events that we have loved in the past!

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