Welcome to the website of FIRST  Team 1646!

Since the inception of FRC Team 1646 in 2004, we have been growing, improving and maintaining our image. Of the aspects we consider imperative for a good team, we focus especially on stability and consistency-4012-bcf5-d8114942357cSELRES_b2388cd6-cb41-4012-bcf5-d8114942357c. By being stable, we are not just efficient in how we use our resources, but our team maintains constant improvement across all facets of our program. Consistency is also a key factor in improvement; we want our team to be good in everything we do, including teaching the next generation of robotics leaders, thereby further improving our future team. Sustainability is something that every FIRST team should aspire to achieve and FRC Team 1646, Precision Guessworks, is sustainable.

     Every team, program, and organization has a legacy, but it can be difficult to sustain that legacy. We at Precision Guessworks preserve our past in several ways. We record our mistakes to know what we have done wrong in the past. We keep binders that contain documents about the team’s history. At the end of each season, we have a team meeting to reflect the successes and failures from that year. We do this so we understand what we could do better in future build seasons. We also have team alumni return to mentor in order to keep the team’s legacy in good standing.

     In conclusion, our team is sustainable in many ways, and we plan to continue to leave a positive mark in all aspects of our community involvement. From environmental sustainability, by doing E-waste and other outreach events, to our sustainable safety procedures, Team 1646 will continue to remain committed, look for other ways to evolve our team to grow, and achieve more than we ever could have imagined.  We will continue to grow and improve our team because Team 1646 is sustainable.