Team Goals Fall 2021

Recently our team had a goal setting session. During this session we reflected on how the semester has gone so far and how we have done with our past goals, as well as set new goals for the remainder of the semester. Below is a list of the goals we set and why we set them.

Goal 1: Build a Kit of Parts drive train (mechanically, electrically, and with code) by the start of winter break.

This was a big goal for our team! So far we have blah blah blah extra words here to fill space because I don’t know anything about our drive train or our mechanics team because I am a silly mentor on the PR team

Goal 2: Be able to take apart and reassemble the drive train in 1 hour before the start of Winter Break.

Our team made this goal so that during competitions we are able to make fast changes to the drive train if needed between matches at the competitions. Familiarity with our drive train will allow us to make fixes and adjustments on the fly, which is often necessary during the competition. This also gives newer students a chance to familiarize themselves with some of the basic building concepts if they don’t have previous experience.

Goal 3: Host team building activities all but 1 meeting until the end of the semester.

This goal was made by the team to encourage students to work together and have some fun. Our team, like many others, is divided into subteams that don’t always get to work together. Team building is a great way for students who are a part of different subteams to collaborate with each other and helps to build a stronger team.

Goal 4: Win 50% of our matches during our first competition.

This goal will take a lot of work, but this win rate can be achieved with consistent practices and testing prior to the first competition. As they say, practice makes perfect!

Goal 5: Make at least 2 social media posts per month.

Social media posts are a great way to engage with the community. This can help us obtain sponsors, find new members, and show more people the great things about FIRST Robotics. Social media can be Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or any other post that helps get our name out there. Are you following the team on social media? Links are below!

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