FIRST Team 1646 began in 2004, when the then vice Principal Roger Francis first saw the appeal of robotics and using a grant from the school, bought a kit of parts for robotics. Seven students were interested in robotics, and joined up. They managed to not only learn all of the tools and machines necessary to work with metal and electronics, but managed to build a fully functional robot in just 10 days. To commemorate their efforts the robot was named the 10 day special. They managed to win the rookie all star awards at their first regional, and were sent to the world championships. While they didn’t win, the trip managed to continue to build the inspiration inside of the students, and the robotics team continued.

Since then the team has grown, we have won awards. We have grown our sponsor list and we participate in many outreach events. We now participate in Relay for Life, host an annual E-Waste, participate in several science nights at local elementary schools, and so much more!

The team hopes and plans to continue our growth as each year passes, and keep teaching that FIRST is more than building robots, its about building relationships within the team and the community.