FIRST Robotics Competition

     FIRST Robotics Competition (or FRC) is a program exclusively for high school students. Students will design, build, and program a robot over the course of a six-week build season, then box the robot up. Teams from all over the world come to competitions both to face off and to see who has the fastest, strongest, or best-looking robot. There are thousands of teams worldwide, each with 10-30 students and a handful of mentors.

      FIRST has released the 2018 game, known as FIRST POWER-UP. This game is in the style of a retro video game. Robots need to deliver power-cubes to their alliance’s switch or scale, and/or put power-cubes in the exchange zone. At the end of the match, robots will climb to “face the boss.” Another way to climb is to use the levitate power-up. The other power-ups are force and boost. Force makes both the switch and scale your alliance’s for ten seconds. Boost makes the score increase to two points per second for ten seconds.



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